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    Making Scale Manageable. The Roupell Park Estate Project


    When working to projects of scale, there is little margin for error.

    The recent Jack Arnold UK Metal Fabrication project for the Roupell Park Estate, in Lambeth, London has taken just over a year to complete (November 2017). It now provides time to reflect on what it takes for sizeable projects to be a success.

    By ‘sizeable,’ this particular project focused on a new perforated balustrade and balcony systems. This consisted of the equivalent of over 30 football pitches of communal walkway balconies and approximately 250 balconies to the side and back of 13 residential tower blocks.

    For a project of this scale, there were a number of factors that were critical in the delivery.

    Lets share these with you.


    The main contractor for this project was the Mears Group. Creating a clear flow of communication is key when there are 13 blocks to focus our efforts on.

    Everything starts with a programme to work to. This meant that the Jack Arnold UK head office team can schedule and prioritise the flow of work. For any project with an itinerary of activity, you have to manufacture and install within a timeframe agreed. Miss it, then that’s a client relationship that is potentially ruined.

    Here is a picture, below, during the works on site.


    As highlighted above, when there is a schedule, timing is imperative.

    Whilst the size a project is large (this included 3,000m of walkways and balconies), the materials will be consistent. These are always manufactured in our factory in Edmonton, North London, so that means that once the rhythm starts, it becomes easier to manage.

    With the investment of time during the early stages of the project, such as measuring each individual balcony from within the estate, when the projects commences, everything is familiar with the calendar of activity. The Roupell Park project was delivered on time and our scheduling structure helped support this.

    Below, is a finished photo of one of the blocks.

    Consistency Of Team

    Throughout the year, when there is a consistent team who are familiar with the site, the contractor team, even to the smaller details such as access, this enables a flow of familiarity.

    During the year, the Roupell Park Estate project has been manned from six to 12 Jack Arnold UK team members (depending on stage of the job). Each one of them all direct PAYE staff and no contracted team members.

    Familiarity with the project and also with on site teams is vital for unity within a site. Everyone wants to work with people they have some form of acquaintance with.

    Safety And Durability

    We provide a Jack Arnold UK guarantee for our products and alongside this element of durability is when we leave there is peace of mind for the main contractor. For a job of this scale, one thing that you cannot do is cut corners. For instance, the powder coating has to be perfect, ensuring durability.

    Naturally, when it comes to future projects, repeat business for any company is the lifeblood of an organisation.

    Quality Of Product

    It is a simple factor to oversee when there is a robust schedule to work to, but the balustrades and balconies have to be consistent and a quality product within the environment that it will be a fixture within, for many generations to come.

    By being manufactured in our company headquarters this means quality control can always be measured. By having a whole team within the same location able to monitor, communicate and despatch just enables an always clear flow of work. This is integral when there is a shared responsibility from within the company.

    Lets Conclude

    With a project that has been such a regular feature of the working week, for the past year within Jack Arnold UK Metal Fabrication, it is one we can step back from and look at with a sense of pride. For such a large project, we supported and enjoyed working with the team at Mears Group.

    Cliff Byles, Project Manager, from Mears Group, commented, “Working with Jack Arnold UK Metal Fabrication was a good experience all round. The final product transformed the whole estate and we have received many positive comments from those walking past to residents.”

    “This now looks like a private residential block, a complete transformation.”

    To deliver a project on time, creates a sense of satisfaction for everyone involved. We hope that everyone within the Roupell Park Estate enjoys a place they can call their home for many years to come.

    I visited the site last week and felt a real sense of satisfaction that we had assisted in the project and achieve a noticeable change to the estate, that will improve the living quality of the residents.

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