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    Powder Coating Services

    We have been providing in-house metal powder coating services for several years. The team here at Jack Arnold UK are highly experienced in applying specialist powders, paints and finishes to steel and aluminium products to achieve a flawless finish with highly precise colours and textures.

    We can coat the following steel and aluminium products:

    • Railings
    • Balustrades
    • Gates
    • Staircases
    • Window frames
    • Doorframes

    We operate both track and box oven facilities offering a range of coating options.

    These include polyester, epoxy polyester and specialist metal powder coatings that are designed to meet the needs of customers in varying industries across the UK.

    All products are galvanised initially to ensure they offer enhanced corrosion resistance and support greater paint and/or substrate adhesion.

    Powder Coating

    The powder coating process

    We always recommend galvanising your product prior to applying coatings of any kind. This will cover the entire metal structure in a protective layer of zinc that will help to prevent destructive materials from penetrating its surface.

    Once the metal has undergone hot-dip galvanisation, we will shot-blast the metal to roughen the surface and remove any surface dirt or other contaminants. It’s the fastest way to eradicate blemishes and other inconsistencies that might affect the look and feel of the product later on. From there, we will follow a three-coat system to ensure we deliver the best possible aesthetic. We will typically apply a zinc powder primer, a build coat primer, and a RAL polyester powder coat to finish.

    If certain parts of the product need to remain uncoated, we will add masking dots to the substrate prior to the coating stage to create the shapes and forms you’re looking for. And remember, we can apply coatings in a huge range of colours to ensure your products match your existing residential or commercial environment.

    For more information on how our metal powder coating services work, and to get a price for your upcoming works, contact Jack Arnold UK today. We can also provide specialist powder coating supplies to businesses who need support in this area.

    Roupell Park Estate, Lambeth

    Our team helped to design, manufacture and install a new perforated sheet balcony system. This consisted of approximately 3,000m of communal walkway balconies and approximately 250 balconies to the side and to the back of the residential blocks.


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